Content Detection Days

Content Detection Days (for Bruce Nauman)
Sound composition
31 m

'Content Detection Days (for Bruce Nauman)' presents a series of eight popular audio tracks which have each been altered for the purposes of deceiving copyright detection software. Each track employs a different method of content alteration which is known to avoid algorithmic content control. These tactics are regularly used by individuals on the Internet uploading music to YouTube or other sources.

This project was commissioned by ICA London, as part of their Soundworks exhibition, responding to Days by Bruce Nauman.

Individual components:

'Monday, Monday' by The Mamas and the Papas with Pitch Lowered 6 Percent

'Tuesday Afternoon' by The Moody Blues with Speed Decreased by 9 Percent

'Wednesday Evening' by John Lee Hooker with Second Layer of White Noise

'Thursday's Child' by David Bowie with Audio Removed Until Final 165 Seconds

'Friday I'm in Love' by The Cure with Tempo Increased by 9 Percent Preserving Pitch

'Saturday Night' by The Bay City Rollers with Left and Right Channels of Stereo Audio Played Back Out of Sync

'Sunday Bloody Sunday' by U2 with Pitch Lowered 25 Percent

'Eight Days a Week' by The Beatles with Tempo Reduced 18 Percent Preserving Pitch